Fireside Family Counseling

Fireside Family Counseling LLC

Individual and Family Therapy

Feeling frustrated, lost, or desperate?

Let Fireside help.

Offering both in-office and in-home therapy for all ages, Fireside Family Counseling provides a unique opportunity for individuals, couples, and families to heal and grow.


Office location

111 S. First Ave

La Grange, KY 40031


(502) 309-4220


By Appointment:

Monday: 8:00a - 7:00p

Wed/Thur/Fri: 9:00a - 3:00p, 5:00p - 7:00p

Saturday: 8:00a - 7:00p


You cannot lead a child to a place of healing if you do not know the way yourself.
— Dr. Karyn Purvis